Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pile O Fabric Skill Builder Block of the Month

I am participating in my very first BOM!  Its so much stinkin' fun!  How come I haven't done this earlier?!?  Anyways.. Here are the first two blocks!  We are learning how to free motion quilt them later in the month.  If you want to join this fun BOM and learn how to create come cute modern blocks... join us! 

Here are my fabrics...

This is the "SOUND WAVE" block...

And, this is "MAGNUM!"


  1. I like the fabrics you chose, I too signed up for this BOM, but have not even went fabric shopping for it yet, my scraps wont allow this 'modern' look.. I am doing 2 other BOM's too, lots of fun, a 1st for me too this year ..

  2. Christina!!!!

    I'm so glad I found your blog!!!! Eeekkk I love all your creative and crafty sewing projects!!! and that you're blogging now!!!! So excited! I'm now a follower, I have my blog too!

    Miss you lots!
    Crystal Lee

    1. Hi Crystal! For some reason Im not getting notifications when people post to my blog... so i just saw this! Glad you found me on here too! Miss you girl!!!