Thursday, March 14, 2013

Repurposed Baby Sling

When I was pregnant with my daughter, Corinne, I wanted to have a baby sling so badly to tote her around in, but just couldn't fork out the money that they were asking for them, nor did I like the fabrics they were made out of... boring and cheap looking!
I found some Amy Butler fabric that was just perfect and made my adorable sling....
Well, Corinne is now 4 1/2 and I'm obviously done using that baby sling... but, what to do with all those yards of gorgeous fabric?!?
Reuse it!  Here's the quilt I made out of that fabric!  Didn't it turn out cute!?!

I did the piecing and my awesome mom, (once again!) did my machine quilting... this time custom!  I pretty much let her do whatever she wants on my quilt because she does such a great job (and has WAY more experience than I do), but I DID have a request on this one... FEATHERS!  Aren't they beautiful!?!
Check out her blog too!

More pics...

Corinne LOVES this quilt... Although I don't know that I'm giving it to her quite yet!  Too much white to trust a four year old with! :)

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