Thursday, January 24, 2013

Amish Church Pew.... Upcycled!

I bought two of these "gems" locally for only $40 for both!  My Dad helped me pick them up and was a little concerned wondering what in the world I saw in these two benches!  LOL!

According to the woman I purchased them from, she purchased them from an antique store in Cambria, California and was told that they were Amish church pews from the late 1800s.  She kept them in their original condition (they were painted white before she bought them) for 15 years and decided it was finally time to let them go.
You have no idea how excited I was to find these!

These are the benches in the "raw" totally needing some love form!  :)
I sanded, added a little wood applique, primed, and distressed...

Here is what it looks like now! 

And, the best part?!?  My Mom loved her bench so much that it is now sitting in the entry way of her home.  Doesn't it look great with the Mexican paver tiles, throw pillows... and of course, my cute little kiddos!?!?


  1. It does look great! You must feel so proud of your craft, with your mom proudly showing it off by placing it on the entry way of her house. ;D Give yourself a pat in the back, girl!

    Earnestine Kettering